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January 2019
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Hartington Street Methodist Church

Hartington Street Methodist Church

Postcode:- LA14 5SR

Sunday Services

10.30am Morning Service

And on the Sunday after Discovery Church at 10.30am, we ‘Discover More’ – All age worship in which we continue to explore the same theme (see Saturdays below)

Midweek Activities


10.00am – 11.30am Care and Share Fellowship & Knit and Natter


(fortnightly) 2.00 to 3.00pm Bible Study


(4th Saturday of the month) 3.00pm onwards Discovery Church @ The Hub


The Hub

The Hub is Hartington Street’s new community activity. For more details, and how to get involved, have a look at the Facebook page –

Hartington Street Methodist Church is part of the South West Cumbria United Area – the Methodist Church and United Reformed Church working together in South West Cumbria.



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